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What does SUP the Rapids mean?

SUP the Rapids stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) the Wisconsin Rapids area. In this area, there is a beautiful stretch of the Wisconsin River that is fairly calm, with few water ski boats most of the day and smooth water – not any rapids. There are also several lakes in the area and flowages on the Wisconsin River. Call to reserve a stand up paddleboard to explore these other areas. 


What is Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP)?  

Paddleboarding is similar to surfing; however, a SUP is wider and longer thus easier to stand and balance on. A SUP can be used in flat water and moves forward through the paddling action of the rider. Paddleboarding gives you the flexibility to get a great work out from paddling while standing kneeling, or sitting down. If one group of muscles gets sore or tired, just change position. 


What type of boards are rented?

The paddleboards are 11' or 12' long and are great for cruising on the flat water. All boards are covered with an EVA pad that allows for better footing and stability. The boards are between 30-32" wide which also adds to the stability. The 11' board is recommended for the lighter weight paddler or, the more experienced. 


Can everyone paddleboard?  

If you can stand, you can paddleboard. Small children can ride with adults on the larger boards. The different length in boards can make it easier for a beginner or more challenging depending on the experience level of the rider.


Do I need to know how to swim?  

Yes, yes, yes! Common sense dictates that you really should know how to swim before you do any water sport. You should be comfortable in the water and be able to tread water for a good length of time before going out on a SUP. If you don’t bring a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) along, we strongly recommend that you paddle at a beach with a lifeguard, paddle with a friend and do not venture too far from shore so that you can swim back unaided if necessary.


Why would I want to paddleboard?  

Paddleboarding provides a great workout. Your entire body gets a workout while stand up paddling, your core muscles (abs and stabilizer muscles) get an amazing workout without you realizing it. Your core is key to balancing on the board, getting you to twist in order to get that good reach and pulling your paddle through the water. Your shoulders, back and arms will definitely feel the workout after a rigorous paddle. Your legs will be worked from standing and balancing for an extended period of time. Lastly your hand muscles get stronger from gripping the paddle and your feet muscles are getting a workout from balancing and gripping the board. You could also go for a relaxing paddle and just take in the beautiful summer day. Paddleboarding provides an eco-friendly way to explore the river and lakes of the area. SUP is a great way to cool off on those hot summer days and can be done socially with friends and family. 


When can I rent a paddleboard?  Available weekends and weekdays.

Stand up paddleboards can be rented on the Wisconsin Rapids stretch of the river after going on a two-hour tour with the guide. The renter needs to be familiar with the paddleboard and the river before SUP on their own. Stand up paddleboards can also be rented at area lakes. This is a great activity for birthday parties. Call, text or email SUP the Rapids, LLC to reserve your paddleboard at 715.570.2989 or


What if I have never paddleboarded?  

Paddleboarding is fairly easy to learn. Usually, a ten-minute lesson is all you need to be on your way. Beginners start out paddling while sitting or on their knees until they feel comfortable standing. I have found SUP to be easier than kayaking and windsurfing.


What do I need to bring?   

SUP the Rapids, LLC will provide a stand up paddleboard, a paddle, and a personal flotation device. It is highly recommended that you have water shoes for the entry and exit of the lakes and rivers. Waterproof cell phone cases can be rented or purchased.


Where are some good places to eat after SUP?   

Jennings, a local eatery with delicious food, is downtown, next to the river. 

Tom's on Grand- 410 E. Grand Avenue

For coffee—I'd suggest Cravings on 8th Street or The Ground Up on West Grand Avenue.


Come join us for a paddle
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or your favorite lake. Wander peacefully, explore Wisconsin from a different perspective, and get a great workout!

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